Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Work for a living? Top 20 tips for survival

1 Never offer to make coffee
2 Ignore all emails
3 Get yourself noticed
4 Remember that less is more
5 Treat appraisals as auditions for panto
6 Get up to speed with the jargon
7 Be nice to PAs
8 Try not to upset anyone
9 Manage without bosses
10 Steer clear of paper
11 Don't drink under the influence of work
12 Dress up not down
13 Never answer a phone
14 Cycle to work
15 Refuse to go to conferences
16 Ignore consultants
17 Find the right person
18 Leave networking to trawlermen
19 Learn to recycle reports
20 Steer well clear of all meetings

The explanatory commentary following each of the above tips is hilarious. I love this guy! I will be making a trip to the library to find some of his books.