Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mattel Toy Recall

Mattel Consumer Relations Answer Center - Recall Information
U.S. biz blamed for dangerous Chinese products

Known for its quality control and vendor management processes with respect to its Chinese vendors, Mattel has recalled about a million Fisher-Price toys made in China for lead paint.

If Mattel can get duped by the Chinese, and they're renowned for their tight quality controls, what about the other toy manufacturers that are not necessarily so good at this?

I'm considering throwing all my son's toys away. I'm tired of being able to only buy Chinese "goods" (aren't they "bads?") -- and I'm not some jingoistic a-hole. I do believe in the economic principle of competitive advantage. But somebody's got to put the thumbscrews to the Chinese manufacturers.

I blame Wal-Mart for a lot of this. They put so much pricing pressure on their suppliers, many of which are Chinese, that the suppliers make cost-cutting choices that aren't healthy.