Monday, November 05, 2007

Who the hell is John Bootie?

Apparently, John Bootie is a trucker-turned-politician. Quite possibly, he is the most unqualified, ignorant, and foolish candidate EVER to run for office.

He talks about the importance of education, but he himself is so undereducated that it's near-impossible to follow his meanderings on his web site. If his writing skills are any indication, he never finished grade school.

I really don't like to beat up on guys, and he's probably a really nice guy. And I am not beating him up because his views are different than mine. I'm writing this because he needs to get a clue:

Nobody's going to listen to him
Nobody's going to take him seriously and
Nobody's going to vote for him

John Bootie


Ken - said...

You may be right, but WE NEED TO GET THE $$$$ OUT OF POLITICS.

What is YOU Suggestion on how to do it?

Rico said...

I was recently contacted by the campaign manager for John Bootie and asked to write an article aboiut his candidacy. I asked him if I could do an email interview with him and he said yes.

And while I disagree with a number of his stances I think the main stream media does a terrible job of election coverage by focusing exclusively on the top tier candidates to the exclusion of anyone else.

I think that points out the inherent arrogance of the press. I think it can only help to inform the electorate to let them see the lower tier candidates. Especially like now where most of the mainstream candidates leave a lot to be desired.

Does this guy really have a chance? Not likely. But he still has the right to a soap box.

Ken - said...

Rico - YOU are correct.

I wish everyone on here would email me so I can put them on the John Bootie List.

We need to work to get the $$$ out of politics.

LVKen7 at

billspaced said...


I agree. The money is killing the political process. I'm not sure how to get it out, since our elected officials make the rules and they tip the playing field in their favor, no matter what the political affiliation is.

I'd say make the whole political process publicly-funded. That is to say, any and all money has to come out of a fund, funded by our tax dollars, and is split equally among the candidates. There would have to be a 'viability' check so that people with 1) no chance (John Bootie) and/or 2) no real reason to run (Fred Thompson comes to mind) so that our already stretched thin tax dollars aren't wasted (but I can think of worse ways to waste our tax money, like Iraq and bridges to nowhere).

That's my proposal, at a very high level.

It will never fly, though, because the incumbents won't let it.

Money rules. Always has. Always will.


I couldn't agree more. John, like anybody else, deserves a soap box. I think soapboxes are available to a lot of folks, in terms of webs, blogs, public television, etc. My point, which goes alongside my 'viability' test above in the comment to ken, is that he has no chance. Not even the slimmest.

But I salute him for sticking his neck out. I totally disagree with a lot of his stances, but that doesn't really matter, does it? People on all sides, of all backgrounds, class, heritage, etc., deserve to be heard.

I think it's clear from Bootie's site that he's feeling the same as the rest of us: Our elected officials don't have our interests at heart.

Thanks for the comments.