Friday, September 29, 2006

Rep. Foley resigns over e-mails to male page

Florida US House of Representatives Mark Foley resigned today over the issue of emails he sent to a 16-year-old page of another congressman. The emails, from what I've seen, are pretty tame.

However, the letters ask some inappropriate questions and make some inappropriate remarks.

It has been revealed that Mr. Foley also had very inappropriate instant message conversations with other youngsters in Congress:
"...excerpts of instant messages provided by former pages who said the congressman, under the AOL Instant Messenger screen name Maf54, made repeated references to sexual organs and acts."
Rep. Foley was chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. How's that for irony? Or is that opportunism?

What a dirtbag. Tie him to a dragster, run a quarter mile, and see how much he bleeds. Then, bandage him up, let him heal, and repeat. Bill's law.