Friday, April 27, 2007

Bush will veto war spending bill

Two interesting things about Bush's warning about vetoing the bill Congress has passed that contains time tables.

  1. Bush never liked time tables. Multiplication is as over-rated as reading.
  2. By vetoing this bill, Bush will be solely responsible for denying the troops the funds that he claims they need. What kind of stupid logic is this?
Bush's veto of this bill will be only his second use of the veto pen. His first was in vetoing stem cell research.

Until his first veto, Bush hadn't met a spending bill, or any bill for that matter, that he didn't like. Pork has run rampant under his watch. So much for being a conservative.

Now he and his clowns crow about "artificial time tables" and "pork." What a hypocrite.

Bush vows to veto troop withdrawal plan - Yahoo! News