Friday, April 20, 2007

A New Yorker's Take on Rudy Giuliani

I guess the link below tells the story in two words: America's Madman. While I don't think Rudy is crazy, as in insane, I do generally agree that he's, at best, an opportunist, as every "good" politician is, and, at worst, well, a politician and all that implies.

Giuliani clearly has taken credit for a lot of New York's success. He fails to attribute any of his success to the success of the nation's economy. You see, and the article speaks to it, New York had an unexpected cash inflow from the roaring 90s: Wall Street went nuts. And the city benefited. HUGELY.

But nobody benefited any HUGER than Rudy Giuliani. And he's still riding the coattails of the economic success that carried him to the top of the charts.

Not to mention that he got lots of accolades, many undeserved, more overblown, for his "response" to the WTC collapses.