Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tillman, Lynch: On the Hill to dispel the legends

Pat Tillman's mom and brother testified before Congress yesterday, as did Jessica Lynch. All went to great lengths to discount (dare I say, "call the Bush administration liars") the stories behind the sensationalism surrounding Lynch's rescue and Tillman's death by friendly fire.

It's one thing to keep things secret while an investigation is going on. But the measures, extreme measures, the Army took in covering up the story behind Tillman's death is beyond anything any of us civilians could imagine. They almost immediately cut off Internet and phone service (standard procedure) as well as ordering everybody to keep mum about it. Then they made up a story and sold it to the public.

Same with Lynch.

The Republicans claim that they are "true Americans." This doesn't seem like an American thing to do: Make up heroes and lie about it.

Tillman, Lynch accounts slammed -