Thursday, April 05, 2007

If you love America, you've gotta read Dan Froomkin

Froomkin delivers great synopses about the White House and George Bush's meanderings every day. It's kind of like a White House journal. Very illuminating. He puts together articles from other journalists to make his points. This one is great:
And Baker notes: "With Congress already out of town for spring vacation, the president's news conference was an attempt to have the last word in Washington before flying to California and then to his ranch in Crawford, Tex., for a long weekend. He ridiculed lawmakers for leaving without finishing their war-spending legislation, but he opted not to use his power to call them back or to give up his own break."
I love how Bush always attacks the Democrats based upon his own weaknesses -- dodging the war, Bush made Kerry look like a war weenie; dodging a call to create a Department of Homeland Security, Bush creates one and then says it was his idea, the list goes on and on and on and on...

Even better, as the President becomes ever-more confused, befuddled, and discombobulated, White House correspondents have gotten him to revert to old Bushisms and new alike:
"But reporters' questions further snarled the Bush syntax. NBC's David Gregory got him to say 'My concern, David, is several,' CBS's Bill Plante got him to mention 'suiciders,' while Bloomberg News's Ed Chen elicited the phrase 'air traffickers' in lieu of airline passengers."
I will be unfortunate to witness the POTUS erupt on national TV and start blearing out cuss words and insults...but it could happen.
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