Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Religion: Should it matter in a political race?

The linked story talks about Mitt Romney's religion (he's a Mormon) and how it affects his poll numbers. More importantly, it talks about how Romney's campaign staff are sensitive to the issue of his opponents making his religion an issue.

Which brings me to the real point here, really a question.

Should religion matter in a political race? I think it should not, but I am most likely in the minority. I, for one, believe that anybody can run a business, whether it's a Wal-Mart, a liquor store, a car dealership, a non-profit, or, yes, the government, no matter his or her religious persuasion.

And yes, I believe atheists and agnostics can be president, too.

What difference does it make? None to me.

McCain, Romney Advisers Spar Over Mormon Religion - washingtonpost.com