Friday, April 20, 2007

Even furniture is weighing in on racial slurs

Don Imus is not to be outdone by Chinese sofas. No, sir. This couch almost blurts out the "n-word" when you try to sit on it. If you're a "person of color" (as if I'm not -- I must be clear), you cannot possibly ever sit down again if you bought this sofa.

I guess people really ought to read the label before they buy something. RTFL, rather than RTFM (as in, Read the Friggin' Label). From the idiot, who now has a lawyer and is suing, um, the sofa?:
They should know what they are typing, even if it is a software error," she said. "In order for something to come into the country, don't they read it first? Doesn't the manufacturer? The supplier?

This lady is a pain in the arse. Maybe she doesn't deserve a sofa.
"Something more has to be done. We don't just need a personal apology, but someone needs to own up to where these labels were made, and someone needs to apologize to all people of color," Moore said. "I had friends over from St. Lucia yesterday and they wouldn't sit on the couch."
Digg's comments are hilarious. Check them out here.

Chinese translation error blamed for slur on sofa label -