Monday, April 30, 2007

Federal prosecutor being investigated turns tables and targets Karl Rove

Special Counsel Scott Bloch has been under investigation for a year and a half. So, he's turned the tables and has started his own investigation. Bloch seems to revel in his notoriety. Some interesting tidbits from the story:
Last year, Bloch abruptly canceled an award ceremony for the federal whistle-blower of the year
Whistle blowers want to be recognized? I thought the whole idea was to blow the whistle without being found out...
This will be a legitimate, thorough investigation. It will be fair, impartial according to the law and the facts," he told CNN. "We are an independent agency, which means that I cannot be removed from office except for malfeasance.
Bloch believes that he cannot be fired except for malfeasance. Define malfeasance, Mr. Bloch. Isn't it whatever the lawyers define it to be? Isn't that how the law works?

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