Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Froomkin on the White House Correspondents Dinner

Dan Froomkin oftentimes sheds the right light on the things of importance:
But I was struck by what seemed to be among the sentiments emanating from the head-table:
  • That the tragic Virginia Tech massacre required solemn observation and expressions of great respect, while the seemingly endless war that often claims as many victims in a day deserved virtually no mention at all.
  • That a has-been impressionist was a more appropriate choice for entertainment than the acerbic and brilliant political satirist (Stephen Colbert) who last year hurt some people's feelings.
We're in "a war" for which dozens of our boys and girls are getting killed daily but we put our humor aside because it's been a "rough week" for those associated with VA Tech. Amazing.

Shouldn't we be saddened by both and do what we can to ensure that neither form of useless death never rears its head again? We have much more control over the deaths in the war than we do over some madman hell-bent on killing a bunch of people and himself, don't we?

Dan Froomkin - A Delusional Dinner - washingtonpost.com