Friday, April 27, 2007

Former CIA Director George Tenet slams Bush Administration on slamming him

My recently alluded-to "slam dunk" reference in my last post preceded this story about George Tenet. It looks like George is sore about how his "slam dunk" comment was received.

It seems that he was saying that selling an Iraq war was a slam dunk, not that finding WMDs would be a slam dunk.

Words. Sometimes they just don't convey the meaning one is trying to get across.

Interestingly, Mr Tenet was given the medal of freedom by President Bush after all this went down. Just who did Mr Tenet free? How did he spread freedom?

It seems as though he's saying, "Thanks for the medal. Now piss off." Doesn't it?

Tenet: Bush administration twisted 'slam dunk' quote -