Monday, April 23, 2007

Sheryl Crow is crazy OR here's a reason to make toilet paper squares bigger

In one of her wackier suggestions for saving the planet, Sheryl Crow has suggested that people be "limited to" one toilet paper square per, ahem, "sitting."

This is quite possibly the wackiest, stupidest, and most irresponsible idea I've ever heard regarding global warming counter-measures.

Unless she wants to spend the day with a person suffering dysentery, I suggest she take her suggestion and shove it up her...wait, that would be wasteful.

Seriously, this is silly. You know the marketing whizzes (get it?) at P&G or whomever makes toilet paper, already have a way to skirt the law: Gigantic squares. Think about it: If I'm limited to one square a sitting, then I want a 2 foot by 2 foot square.

Or, to take things a little more to the extreme, I'm a guy. Do I get "credit" for not using any? Do I have to sit down in order to get my fair square? If I pee a lot, but never sit down to do it, do I get more squares than my lady neighbor who sits one or two times a day?

Thought-provoking, yes. Good idea, NO.

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