Wednesday, October 17, 2007

CA assembly speaker Fabian Nunez in hot water over lavish expenditures

Talk about megalomaniac: Fabian Nunez, speaker of the California State Assembly, has bought some pretty fabulous things with his meager (he'd call it "middle class") salary. To note:

Nunez's expenses include nearly $9,000 in charges at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, Spain; $5,000 for a meal in France's Bordeaux region; and over $2,500 in purchases at a jewelry store in Paris.

Nunez offered that he traveled to Barcelona because he was invited by the president of Spain's parliament. He said the meal in France also was business: Lunch for 26 people. And he said the purchases at Louis Vuitton were gifts for dignitaries.

But he said he would not give reporters access to documents about all of the $70,000 in travel expenses he's recorded.
Nuñez defends his lavish travel expenses - Los Angeles Times

Nunez seems like a likable guy. But I guess Attila the Hun could be likable too if he showered his neighbors with expensive meals and gifts.

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