Friday, October 19, 2007

Pete Stark goes a little haywire in blasting Bush over SCHIP

Pete Stark goes off the deep end, at the end, where he says Bush is amused when soldiers get their heads blown off. Up to that point, I was on board with Stark.


Len said...

I think sometimes we give George W. Bush more credit than he is due. Just because he holds the title of President of the United States, we, in our minds, try to give him the attributes we believe a President of the United States should have. In truth, he has none of those attributes. It would not surprise me if Rep. Start were 100% correct in what he said.

billspaced said...


I agree wholeheartedly with the obvious one exception. I don't know that Stark was correct in stating that Bush was amused by soldiers getting their heads blown off.

He may not care, he may be indifferent. But amused? Wow.

Stark would have been more effective had he said everything he did say but that.

Now, undoubtedly, the neo-con assholes will turn this around and make Stark look like a bumbling, old, stupid fool.

Which he clearly isn't. But that's how it will play out.

I just hope he doesn't apologize. Even if he should. That shows weakness. We don't need that right now.