Monday, October 29, 2007

President Bush is nothing if not The Delegator

Time and calamities have shown that George Bush is a delegator. This is what the American public gets for hiring "The MBA President."

Here's a great quote from Dan Froomkin's article in WaPo.

Bush: 'That's How I Work' -
Bush: "I appreciate that very much. I wasn't kidding -- (laughter.) I was going to -- I pick up the phone and say, Mr. Secretary, I've got an interesting question. (Laughter.) This is what delegation -- I don't mean to be dodging the question, although it's kind of convenient in this case, but never -- (laughter.) I really will -- I'm going to call the Secretary and say you brought up a very valid question, and what are we doing about it? That's how I work. I'm -- thanks. (Laughter.)"