Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rudy Giuliani: Power grabber and skirt wearer

Okay, so Rudy Giuliani wore women's clothes. I'm not sure why, but there was probably a good reason, right? Like pantyhose makes him feel sexy or something. But this story is really freaking me out: The author believes Rudy would be more power-hungry than Bush and Cheney. I find this startling beyond belief.

Giuliani Would Grab More Power Than Bush and Cheney - Liberal Values - Defending Liberty and Enlightened Thought
Many Giuliani watchers already understand that Rudy is a hothead and a grandstander, even a bit of a dictator at times. These qualities have dominated the story of his mayoralty that most people know. As that drama was unfolding, however, so was a quieter story, driven by Giuliani’s instinct and capacity for manipulating the levers of government. His methods, like those of the current White House, included appointments of yes-men, aggressive tests of legal limits, strategic lawbreaking, resistance to oversight, and obsessive secrecy. As was also the case with the White House, the events of 9/11 solidified the mindset underlying his worst tendencies. Embedded in his operating style is a belief that rules don’t apply to him, and a ruthless gift for exploiting the intrinsic weaknesses in the system of checks and balances. That’s why, of all the presidential candidates, Giuliani is most likely to take the expansions of the executive branch made by the Bush administration and push them further still. The blueprint can be found in the often-overlooked corners of his mayoralty.