Monday, October 15, 2007

Resolution declaring genocide by Turkey is still on the table

I heard about this last week and thought to myself, "Why does this matter? Who cares? Seriously."

But now it seems that a lot of people are pissed off about this, most especially and most importantly, the Turks.

Why does Congress care to do anything about this? This is definitely water under the bridge. Sure, genocide occurred. Sure, it should be condemned.

But it already has.

Doesn't Congress have bigger, more important and tasty fish to fry? Angering the Turks in this way might just force them to cut off our access to their country, which we need to fight the war in Iraq (which I don't believe in, have never believed in, and most likely never will).

Pelosi stumbles over Armenian resolution
Take the current brouhaha over a congressional resolution that would declare 92 years after the fact that the death of a million Armenians at the hands of what was then the Ottoman Empire was genocide, as if anyone who was aware of the 1915 slaughter had any doubts about it.