Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Giuliani’s Prostate Cancer Figure Is Disputed - New York Times

Giuliani’s Prostate Cancer Figure Is Disputed - New York Times:
"The citation is an article in a highly respected intellectual journal written by an expert at a highly respected think tank which the mayor read because he is an intellectually engaged human being,” Ms. Comella said in an e-mail message.
I call bullshit.

First of all, Rudy Giuliani is a Neanderthal. Just look at his huge crown, balding scalp, and sweaty palms, not to mention his mouth-breathing, hyperbole-infesting spittle.

Second, this quote, and many others, of statistics shows a mental deficiency known as bullshitism. Rudy is full of the BS. It may be terminal.

Here's a story from a reliable source, which also quotes the author of the study that Rudy's campaign falsely and misleadingly quotes.

Furthermore, Rudy is always one to take a personal experience and exploit it to maximum efficacy while forgetting crucial details (just read about Rudy's five big lies about 9/11 -- it's almost all crap).

This time, he forgets to mention that men who don't have health insurance are more likely to die sooner than those who don't, which is the cause the Democrat want to pursue -- no health insurance versus having the government run the health care system. It's funny (i.e., twisted) how the Dems take one stand and the Repugnicans twist it to mean something it isn't.
Actually, men with prostate cancer are more likely to die sooner if they don’t have health insurance, according to a recent study published in one of the American Medical Association’s journals. Giuliani doesn’t mention that.
(By the way, I think the answer is neither. Rather, we need the government to step in and figure out what the hell happened to the health care industry such that it's costs rise far faster than inflation. Then, figure out how to unravel the mess. There's absolutely no reason why an appendectomy should cost $60,000.)

Here's a video from firefighters telling how Rudy Giuliani is a fraud.

Rudy Giuliani is really no different than George Bush. Well, that's not entirely true. He is worse, in every way save for religion.

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