Monday, June 25, 2007

British government gets it right: Intelligent design has no place in science curriculum

UK Gov boots intelligent design back into 'religious' margins | The Register

I think we, the US, have gone back a couple hundred years in our development -- the UK is way ahead of us in terms of science education.

Let's go a bit further and keep religion out of school.


There's a perfectly good place to teach intelligent design and creationism: The churches. They're already subsidized, in effect, by the government, in the form of zero tax liability. Real businesses are expected to pay taxes. Religious entities are not, though they make a ton of money.

And now that the US government, at least, is allowed to pour money into church coffers, the line between big government and big business is completely blurred.

Let's at least keep church out of schools. That's decidedly not the place for it. After all, schools are meant for teaching kids how to think. Churches -- through "faith" -- are not. It's dogma.

Challenge the church's teachings and you challenge god.