Friday, June 01, 2007

President and VP hiding visitor logs

I understand as well as anyone the importance and necessity of keeping some conversations private. But the Bush administration is as closed a presidential office as any other -- perhaps even more than the Nixon administration.

It is important that the president be able to receive candid advice from his staff and other members of the administration," Fratto said. "To ensure that he receives candid advice, it is essential as a general matter that the advice remains confidential."

First off, we're not talking about staff. We're talking about two specific things, I believe -- VP Cheney's Energy Task Force and the Jack Abramoff scandal. These are visitor logs. If you work at the White House, by definition, you are not a visitor.

These are truly visitor logs. People from outside the administration.

It is assumed, fed by the secrecy, that the Cheney meetings were with industry insiders like Ken Lay and Enron. Of course, Cheney and Bush stood, and still stand, to gain millions of dollars for themselves and their cronies if energy prices soared.

Lo and behold: Energy prices soared. And continue. No end in sight (January 2009 is a milestone I hope we reach without the Repugnicans in power).

The second reason for the purported necessity of keeping confidential the "visitor logs" is the Abramoff scandal. We all have our suspicions that ol' Jack met with Rove (the 2nd coming of that popular Communist, Karl Marx), Cheney, and the prez himself. We've all seen the pictures of Jack and George...

These guys are clearly hiding. The real question is, will they keep this crap up when they're out of office? Of course they will. And they'll have plenty of time to fight it. Right now, there are too many scandals for them to focus on just one. But come February 2009, you can bet Georgie will be up to his eyeballs in lawyers. He'll surely start a legal defense fund real soon.

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