Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Of course Bush will veto any stem cell bills

Bush to veto stem cell bill - Yahoo! News

Currently, states and private organizations are permitted to fund embryonic stem cell research, but federal support is limited to cells that existed as of Aug. 9, 2001. The latest bill is aimed at lifting that restriction.
I think some crafty lawyers have to get together and conjure up an age-discrimination class-action lawsuit on behalf of those 'old' stem cells. Why us? Why can you destroy us but you cannot destroy the younger stem cells?

After all, the way these zealots think, stem cells are tantamount to live human beings, so of course they can bring a lawsuit.

Come on attorneys! This one is ripe for a ridiculous lawsuit that might actually compel the right outcome.

Sometimes I think Bush and his inbred family of fools love big pharm so much that they'd rather let people die than to squeeze one cent out of the pharmaceutical business.