Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Honda is committing infanticide on its Accord hybrid

Honda's pricey Accord hybrid runs out of gas - Los Angeles Times

Honda sold a measly 439 Accord hybrids in the United States last month. By contrast, Toyota Motor Corp. sold 24,009 of its less-expensive, segment-leading Priuses. And sales of hybrid vehicles as a segment more than doubled this year, while the overall market for new vehicles is flat.
Quite sad, I'd say, but there no doubt is a reason for the crummy sales -- Toyota beat them at the game, the Accord wasn't focused on fuel efficiency so much as the rice rocket crowd.

The base sticker on the 2007 model is $31,685, compared with $26,820 for its closest competitor, the Toyota Camry hybrid sedan.

Those extra dollars don't provide much relief at the gas pump.

Accord's combined city-highway mileage of 31 miles per gallon is
respectable for any car but hardly in the same league with the Prius at
55 mpg or Honda's own Civic hybrid at 50 mpg.