Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tennis pro suspended for taking steroid-tainted vitamins

Tennis pro sues vitamin maker over suspension, lost endorsements - Tennis - Yahoo! Sports

In light of the $65 million "Judge who lost his pants" lawsuit, this guy's $10 million lawsuit sounds low.

In fact, it is low. Ranked number 3 in the world at the time of his suspension, Guillermo Coria was suspended for steroid use by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals). His family sent the only supplement he was taking to an independent lab, who found steroids in the vitamin supplement. The maker of the supplement, Universal Nutrition, has since admitted that it had made steroid-containing supplements in the same facility on the same day as it made the supplement Coria had taken.

$10 million is quite a small figure; don't these guys make millions per year in not only prize money but sponsorships?

Does Floyd Landis, last year's Tour de France winner, have case? No. But I'm sure he'll use this as another one of his many excuses.