Monday, June 18, 2007

White House misused RNC emails and blames Clinton

The Raw Story | White House may have committed 'extensive' violations of Records Act, says Oversight Committee

When does one simply stop caring for his or her country and give up? So many violations. So many ethical breaches. So many morally questionable acts. By the country we love.

When will it stop? Hint: Not January 20, 2009. All governments are corrupt. Until the courts stymie the ransacking of our democracy by the Executive branch, not a damned thing will change for the better, only for the worse.

Get this:

White House spokesman Tony Snow in his daily press briefing said that White House e-mail use was based on Clinton administration policy.

"Those e-mail accounts were set up on a model based on the prior administration which had done it the same way in order to avoid Hatch Act violations," he noted. "Any e-mails sent to or received from a White House e-mail account is automatically archived, and the RNC has had an e-mail preservation policy for White House staffers as well. We should have been through this, I'm not sure exactly when the start-date was, we'll just have to see how Counsel's office responds to Rep. Waxman's request."

Can I tell you how much I can't stand Tony Snow and his double-speaking, backstabbing, unaccountable-for-anything stances on all matters?

I think I just did.

It's amazing he can look in the mirror each day and not want to shoot himself. Or maybe there are no mirrors in his house. At best, they're all made of frosted glass.