Friday, June 22, 2007

More bad pub for Rudy: He shirked his duties on Iraq Study Group to make fees from religious speeches

Think Progress » Giuliani Skipped ISG Meetings For Motivational Events Featuring ‘Christianity’ And ‘Pumping Music’

Rudy Giuliani is one of the BIGGEST POLITICIANS EVER. And this is why we should hate him (not personally, but politically). He's probably a very nice man.

But as politicians go, he's one of the "best," in that he is totally about opportunity, and if anybody profited from 9/11, it's Rudy.

He may not have condoned it, devised it, known about it, but he sure has profited from it. Immensely. The guy is nothing but an opportunist. And you have to be very leery of standing behind a guy like him. Motivation and ethical lapses are just right around the corner from guys like Giuliani. And I'm sure Rudy has already made ethically poor choices (like marrying his cousin, then denying it, to mention just one).