Monday, November 19, 2007

80-year old pastor of Atlanta church in sex scandal

An 80-year-old pastor of a so-called 'megachurch' is in big trouble with his family, the law, and -- I guess -- God.

One could say that there may be hell to pay.

The pastor fathered a child with his brother's wife. That's at least a Ten Commandments' two-fer.
The 80-year-old leader of a suburban Atlanta megachurch is at the center of a sex scandal of biblical dimensions: He slept with his brother's wife and fathered a child by her.
Additionally, he gets 'bonus' points for another sexual affair he had with a church worker, where he told her the only way to salvation was to have sex with him.

She gets idiot points because she believed him.

Religion may not be the root of all evil (money is), but it sure helps evil along, doesn't it?

My favorite quote from the story:
"It was a necessary evil to bring us back to a God-consciousness," said the younger Paulk, explaining that the church had become too personality-driven and prone to pastor worship.
God-consciousness? WTF? Isn't that why people go to church? To find God?

Sex scandal hits Atlanta-area megachurch - Yahoo! News