Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oil oozes in San Francisco Bay after ship hits bridge - Los Angeles Times

A ship collided with a stationary bridge, the Oakland Bay Bridge, the one that somewhat survived a freakin' earthquake.

How can you run into a bridge?

Oil oozes in San Francisco Bay after ship hits bridge - Los Angeles Times:
Authorities also laid more than 18,000 feet of log booms around the 810-foot container ship Cosco Busan, which was towed to an anchorage off Candlestick Point in San Francisco after it nudged the Bay Bridge in early-morning fog. No more fuel was leaking from the vessel, Hauck said.
58,000 gallons spilled out of the vessel. Already, the fuel has shown up on 8 local beaches. Amazing ineptitude.


Anonymous said...

One of the ways Oil corporations convince Americans that oil is the best energy source available is by insisting that current technologies guarantee the safest, cleanest, and most secure means for drilling and transporting oil. The public relations machine run by oil companies is so smooth, it has been successful at staving off government investment in renewable energy technologies, auto industry investment in more efficient automobiles, and attempts to block drilling in America's most serene natural habitats. Again and again we are all duped by this enormously powerful industry that acts as the perpetual victim while reaping the world's largest revenues in history.

billspaced said...

Well said. The big oil machine is -- ahem -- well-oiled!

Anonymous said...

How much oil does Greenpeace use a year for it's ship and support vessels? How many greenpeace supporters drive large SUV's?

Inquiring minds want to know...

billspaced said...

You raise interesting questions, for which I don't have answers. Do you?

You seem to imply something but what are your facts? Do tell.

Note that the first comment was from greenpieceblog, not Green Peace.