Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hillary Clinton reportedly had a bad night during the last Democrat debate

I didn't watch it, but Hillary Clinton may have had her worst performance yet (thus far, all accounts had been that she had done well), but I'll leave that to the pundits and the 6 people who may have watched.

Obama, Edwards attack; Clinton bombs debate - Roger Simon -
Perhaps just as bad was her general tone and demeanor. All of her opponents seemed passionate about one issue or another. But Clinton seemed largely emotionless and detached, often just mouthing rehearsed answers from her briefing book.
Sounds like she was just going through the motions.

Debates are so 1980. There hasn't been a good one for 30 or so years. I think Reagan threw out some zingers that stuck.

However, debates are supposed to be civilized arguments, no? A question is posed and all the candidates get a chance to discuss it. Viewers are able to see not only their candidates' views, but also their thought process.

Hardly any thought goes into these things. Basically, Candidate 1 says X which may not even be related to the question, and then Candidates 2-50 jump on one silly statement.

It's asinine.