Friday, November 02, 2007

Bush vetoes water projects bill - Yahoo! News

President Bush has been busy with the special "veto pen," having vetoed more bills in the past few months than he did -- EVER! Remember, during the Republican-controlled Congress, he vetoed one bill, if memory serves (the stem cell bill).

Now, he's vetoed bills that would essentially shore up our dilapidated water projects, including fortifying the Gulf Coast (had this been passed, say, 4 years ago, Katrina might not have been such a disaster).

Congress has the votes to override his veto, too, since both sides of the aisle have vested interests in getting this legislation passed into law.

So, one has to wonder what Bush has up his sleeve. What's he trying to prove? Anything? Or is he just being the punk we all know he is?

Bush vetoes water projects bill - Yahoo! News:
But Bush never vetoed spending bills under the Republican Congress, despite budgetary increases then, too. Attempting to demonstrate fiscal toughness now, in the seventh year of his presidency, carried the risk being criticized for doing too little, too late or as waging a transparently partisan attack against the Democrats who now run Capitol Hill.
It's sad that his presidency has come to this ridiculous conclusion. A few more combative stunts like this, and you may hear the drum beat of impeachment get seemingly closer. Piss off the Dems, it's okay. Piss off your own, they'll turn on you.