Monday, November 05, 2007

Thompson Adviser Has Criminal Past -


One day, won't we all have criminal backgrounds? I mean, seriously, aren't we all just one slip of the tongue away from going to Gitmo right now?

One of Fred Thompson's 4 (count them, four!!!) campaign managers has a criminal background of drug trafficking and conspiracy that dates back almost 30 years ago. Maybe he's turned over a new leaf.

Or maybe Thompson really isn't the most conservative candidate after all. Condoning drug possession and distribution is only for Liberals right?

Nevertheless, this just shows Thompson's laziness and lackadaisical attitude towards just about everything, doesn't it?
"There's not a campaign in the world that has the ability to research every one of its supporters going back more than 20 years," Harris (Thompson's communications director) said.
Thompson Adviser Has Criminal Past -