Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just what the fuck do people think when they smoke?

I am the last guy to infringe on anyone's ability to have a good time, ruin their body, have sex with other consenting adults or themselves, but what is it with smokers who think existing laws and corporate rules do not apply to them?

For example, a guy goes outside the workplace to smoke, where there's an ashtray right outside the door. So everybody walking in that door has to smell the smoke or go around and find a door where somebody isn't smoking outside.

Furthermore, the sign on the door says "No smoking outside this door." But the ashtray is RIGHT THERE!!!! How stupid is that?

Smoker finishes his cigarette, throws it on the ground and walks away.

So not only did he pollute our air, he has now LITTERED AND COMMITTED ATTEMPTED ARSON.

Seems to me smoker dude has committed at least two crimes for which laws are already on the books: Littering and attempted arson.

The next smoker who starts a goddamned fire ought to burn in hell. And then, and only then, has to pay restitution to those for whom he caused a loss. And if he can't, he needs to spend his remaining life in jail with Bubba.