Thursday, November 08, 2007

Congress hands Bush first veto override - Yahoo! News

Congress hands Bush first veto override - Yahoo! News

The Republicans joined the Democrats in overriding, for the very first time, Bush's veto of a giant water projects bill. The White House was quick to respond:
Bush's spokeswoman portrayed the issue as a divide between a budget-conscious president and a big-spending Congress.
"The president is standing up for the taxpayers," White House press secretary Dana Perino said. "No one is surprised that this veto is overridden. We understand that members of Congress are going to support the projects in their districts. Budgeting is about making choices and defining priorities — it doesn't mean you can have everything. This bill doesn't make the difficult choices; it says we can fund every idea out there. That's not a responsible way to budget."
So is Dana suggesting that all the bills filled with pork barrel projects that Bush signed into law when the Repugnicans were in control of Congress were responsible?

Is she suggesting that the President -- all of a sudden -- has become fiscally conservative?

Naw. She's just playing word games and politics. At least she's doing her job, unlike Bush.