Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bush Pessimistic on Iraq War

After 3 years of "We're making progress in Iraq," President Bush has now performed a mighty flip-flop: "Things in Iraq may be worse than they look."

Yikes. Two points here. First, all the "progress" talk that some of us knew was BS is now confirmed. Second, President Bush is a flip-flopper of presidential proportions.

I can only think he's done this to somehow get around the fact the he created this war and that getting around it will allow his party to remain a majority in all branches of the federal government.

I really don't doubt their political prowess. They were able to make the majority of Americans believe Saddam had something to do with 9/11 when there wasn't one iota of proof. They were able to beat down not only one but at least three decorated Vietnam War heroes (in case you don't remember: John McCain, one of their own; John Kerry, Herman Munster's twin; and Max Cleland, who suffered losses of both legs and part of one arm).

They've also been able to sell the public and Congress stories about "No Child Left Behind" (except the ones left behind) and "Clear Skies" (in which industry made the rules that allow, if not encourage, MORE pollution than before the initiative).

I want to know when somebody of some power calls the president out for this colossal flip-flop. And I don't mean Ann Coulter or Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly. Maybe Joe "Eeyore" Lieberman can chastise him for this. After all, it was Lieberman's support of Bush's support for progress in the Iraq War that lost him his primary, causing him to have to run a "bipartisan" campaign as a tri-party Independent.