Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lynn Swann Dives in Governor's Race

Former Pittsburg Steeler wide receiver Lynn Swann has stepped up his efforts to unseat Pennsylvania's current governor, Ed Rendell, but to no avail. He has made ZERO progress in moving up in the polls, according to a CNN report today.

Having grown up an Oakland Raider fan during the 70s, I can say without any hesitation that I really cannot stand Lynn Swann. Oh, he was a talented receiver who seemed to have a vertical leap of around 50 inches, but, MAN, he had no heart.

I remember Jack Tatum ("They Call Me Assassin") and George Atkinson, two of the baddest DBs EVER, just beating the tar out of Swann. At times, it was said that Swann got hit so hard that he feigned being injured just so he didn't have to go back on the field again. But I think the real story was that he was hurt and scared. He had no heart.

And apparently, one cannot grow a heart. For he still has no heart. And he will not win. While I cannot call him a loser (what, does he have 4 Superbowl rings?), I can say that I do not like him, nor will I ever like him, and that's enough for him to lose.