Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Doctor" Frist status may be in jeopardy

Bill Frist, Senator from Tennessee, may have lied on his medical license renewal forms when he claimed that he had completed his continuing education requirement.


Let's count this guy's failings (that we know about):

1. Evaluated Terri Schiavo via videotape. Disagreed with her attending physicians' opinion. After Mrs. Schiavo died, an autopsy proved Frist wrong.
2. Claimed he didn't know about stock held in his blind trust that was sold prior to the stock's decline. This was stock of a company owned by his brother and father and was sold for a profit right before bad news hit the stock.
3. Forgot to take continuing education classes to renew his medical license. Signed papers affirming that he took said training classes.
4. Failed in his 2008 run for president (I can guess at the outcome of this with virtual certainty. The guy has absolutely zero -- nada -- zip -- zilcho -- chance of winning his party's nomination, much less the general election.

This guy is a turd of the highest caliber. Please make him go away.