Thursday, August 24, 2006

United States Built Major Nuclear Facility in Iran

Whaddya know? The U.S. built a major nuclear facility in Iran in the 60s. We gave them the technology, built the plant, gave them 10 pounds of uranium, and said, "Have a nice day. Beat the Soviets."

I love this stuff. We always seem to fall into this trap. It's a trap we know exists, but we still -- just maybe, if we deny the fact hard enough -- fall into it. As President Bush says, "Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. We won't get fooled again." But we ALWAYS do.

Didn't we prop up Afghanistan during its fight with the Soviet Union? What arose out of that? Poppy fields and the Taliban.

Didn't we support Iraq in its war with Iran? What arose out of that? A more powerful and omnipotent-thinking Sadaam Insane.

Need I go on? Yes, I think I need to go on. Some companies in the U.S. supported (i.e., gave equipment to) Nazi Germany. Not just Ford Motor Company. But some companies associated with the current President's family.

Of course, George W. Bush had no control over his ancestors, just like I had no control over my slave-trading ancestors (I don't know that my ancestors were slave-traders -- I made that up for effect -- but one of them had to be). This is not the point.

The fact of the matter is that we (the United States) continually make allies with countries before we make them enemies. It's like a sick, pathetic, counterproductive game where we give away stuff just to assert our almighty power by taking it back.

The natural question to ask is: What are we giving away today that we'll want back tomorrow? That's the scary thing.