Thursday, August 31, 2006

Radio Shack lays off 400 workers via email

Radio Shack laid off 400 of its employees via email -- "You've been e-fired. Have a nice day!"

I wonder if you claim you never got the email, could you continue to come to work and collect a paycheck? After all, I hear this conversation all the time:

"Did you get my email?" says the geeky CEO.
"Nope. What did it say?" says the geek's lying indentured servant, also his best friend.
"It said you're fired."
", oh. That sucks. Does that mean no more free food in the company lounge?"
"Right. No more free food, no free beer, no Quake marathons, no more pay checks, and no more stock options. Get it?"
"Yes, I get it."

CEO to security: "Round up this lowlife and get him out of here!"
CEO to newly-unemployed and no longer on the path to riches paved with stock options: "Hey, you still want to golf on Friday? Okay, good."