Friday, August 11, 2006

Google Ads Are Hilarious!

Most of us "bloggers" (is that a derogatory term?) use Google's AdSense to try to generate some form of income, at least to partially offset the cost of doing business.

It kills me, however, how far off their purported "targeting" is -- mine currently says

Buy T*stosterone
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Increase t*stosterone naturally. Testarol as low as $24.95/bottle
Ads by Goooooogle

(it may be gone now, but it's right UP THERE)

Now, I have posted quite a few times about Floyd Landis, 2006 Tour de France cycling champ, and his failed drug tests that indicated he had ingested synthetic male hormone, forevermore to be called "T*stosterone")

And now Google "decides" (the company may not be evil, but its computers might be) to put t*stosterone ads on my site. I love it!

How long might these ads be on my site? Not that it matters. Maybe the folks who read my blog need to buy testosterone (oops, there I did it again!)? Are they gunning for next year's Tour, or better yet, a future World's Strongest Man (or Woman) contest? Maybe take out Super Mario?