Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More DeLay News

Tom DeLay loses battle to get name removed from ballot. Huh? Here's the brief scoop. Tom DeLay got all tangled up with Jack Abramoff, lobbyist for and against American Indians. He resigns. He retires. But his name is still on the ballot. So he and his party (the Republicans, in case you didn't know) go to court to try to have his name removed so that another Republican's name can be put in DeLay's place. Only no court will allow it. Even the Supreme Court of the USA said no.

So, the Republicans are left with DeLay's name on the ballot (who isn't running) and the Democratic hopeful.

What happens if nobody writes in the replacement's name? Or, worse yet, what happens if DeLay wins? Brings to mind all those dead people voting in Chicago. Only this time it's the candidate who's (figuratively and politically) dead. It's happened before. It could happen again. After all, the same idiots live in DeLay's district that have elected and re-elected him time and time again. The guy's always been a scumbag. Just look at the photo.