Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Circular Logic of Dilbert's World

I like Scott Adams' work -- A LOT (in case you couldn't tell). I read a headline the other day that he got married. Congratulations, Scott! (Not that he'll ever read this.)

Needless to say, I get the latest Dilbert delivered to my inbox every day. Before I worked at SBC (I am no longer there, thank heavens), one of my best friends, who also worked for SBC (now AT&T), said of his experience there, "Dilbert is my horoscope. If I read about it in Dilbert, it will happen to me here (SBC) today."

Some of you may not know this, but Scott Adams worked at PacBell (Pacific Bell, the West Coast's "Baby Bell" that ran mostly all of California's local and much of its long distance service). PacBell was purchased by SBC a few years ago.

Anyway, Dilbert arose out of Scott's experience at PacBell. Here's today's strip, which exemplifies a daily happening not only at SBC but every other corporation I have ever worked at -- COMING SOON (SERVER ISSUES)