Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tour de France Fraud Floyd Landis Still Making Excuses

Boy, I really wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, but he keeps offering up excuses about why both his drug tests after Stage 17 failed: Was it something I ate?

No, Floyd, it wasn't what you ate -- it may have been what you ingested. "Was it something I ate" is something you say after you get a stomach ache and puke all over yourself. It's not something you say after you have defrauded millions of people.

You poor bastard.

I will say that I will be eager to apologize when he disproves the test results. I still want him to have won fair and square.


Lij said...

It seemed to me that when he said that, he was simply summarazing other people's explanations for what had happened. So much has been made of how he insisted that no one could have "poisoned" him with any substance... it sure looked like he was just dismissing that like he has dismissed it before.

Bill said...

I certainly hope you're right. I really, really, really want him to be exonerated.

He has just gone about it in a way that makes him look like he did it and is making up stuff as he goes along.

I am sure he's a great guy. If it weren't for two failed drug tests and lots of spurious excuses, I, among millions of others, would look up to him with a lot of respect and would be inspired by his victory.

It's just a little south of bittersweet now that he's on the wrong end of a failed drug test (oops, two failed drug tests).

Thanks for your comments.