Wednesday, September 06, 2006

5 years later, conspiracy theorists abound on World Trade Center collapse

The nut jobs never cease to think up conspiracy theories. In their latest attempt at breaking the world record for dumbest collective group EVER, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, headed by Steve "Nutcase wacko" Jones of BYU in Utah, have formulated a "theory" that the World Trade Centers, which collapsed on 9/11/2001, were purposely brought down.

Sure, planes flew into the Twin Towers, but that was to lend plausibility to the government's story that Al Qaeda choreographed the event. All this to make a compelling story to begin pre-emptive attacks on Iraq, Iran, and to retaliate against the Taliban government, harborer of Osama bin Laden and his cohorts.

Now, I believe our government does bad things. Like torture "prisoners of war," make up stories to lend credibility to what they want to do, make deals with the devil, etc.

But I cannot believe this one at all. Two planes did fly into the WTC's Twin Towers. Because of their construction, it only took a floor collapsing, one on top of another, to bring the whole building down, in a domino effect, but where each domino fell with the collective weight of all the other dominos. Not a difficult story to believe.

Then there's the case of two other planes being hijacked, one flying into the Pentagon, and the other flying into a Pennsylvania field.

Then there's the issue of shutting down the entire air industry for a few days. Not good for the economy.

I just cannot believe that the Bush administration is this good. They have screwed up almost everything they've gotten their hands on and this one would be leaking like a sieve. They cannot even keep a small story buried; how could they keep one like this quiet? Impossible.

I do believe that the administration saw a golden opportunity to make the case for pre-emptive strikes against known enemies because of this attack. There's no doubt in my mind that, while saddened for the loss of life, the politicians and publicists immediately saw a huge rainbow of light at the end of a very long tunnel and decided to exploit the tragedy for political purposes. No. Doubt. Whatsoever.

However, it seems like these guys from Scholars are a bunch of tinfoil-wearing, pre-pubescent, black-helicopter-seeing retards in search of publicity. What a bunch of idiots. They purport to be scientists, or at least to have "facts," but produce none whatsoever. Further, no scientific methods have been employed to refute or support their claims. You'd think in 5 years, with super computers and a lot of data that somebody would corroborate their claims, but nobody has.