Friday, September 08, 2006

Priest nabbed as making a false bomb threat at a Madonna concert

A Dutch priest called in a fake bomb threat prior to a Madonna concert so that she wouldn't be able to perform her "crucifixion" act on stage. He made the call to an emergency phone center, which immediately traced his call to his home phone. He was arrested and most likely will have to serve community service time, as this was "most likely his first offense."

Now, what does a priest do for community service? Isn't community service kinda his job?

"Gee," says the homicidal linebacker, "I get to play flag football in the youth league after having snapped that guy's head off in line at the Wal-mart when he jumped in front of me?"


A priest called in a bomb threat! I say, throw away the key. He should know better, since he has daily conversations with God.