Monday, September 25, 2006

George Allen Racist? No way! has published an article detailing George Allen's racist ways. Of course, the senator from Virginia denies it and has, of course, brought out people who know him to claim that he never exhibited any racial tendencies.

Of course.

I have written about Allen before. He seems to hover near the top of my list of politicians that I like to chastise and criticize (Lieberman being the other). When I wrote about Allen last, I got an email from a reader that said, "George Allen is a racist. At UVa he often used the N-word."

Now, I don't know Allen, but anybody who uses the term "macaca" to describe a person and then claims that he made up the word is a liar.


Of course he knew the word was disparaging. Of course he knew what it meant. He used it pointedly towards a competitor's staff who happened to be of color.

Of course George Allen is a racist. It's time for him to prove that he's not. Kind of like John Kerry had to prove he wasn't a baby killer and was worthy of silver stars and purple hearts. This is Swift Boats all over again. But it's the candidate himself that's doing all the damage.