Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Dog" the bouny hunter arrested

I have to admit that until a few months ago, when nursing bronchitis at home away from work, I watched "Dog the Bounty Hunter" for the first time. Actually, I watched about a half dozen episodes, as there was a marathon going on A&E that day (along with another marathon of "Cris Angel, Mind Freak"). It's kind of an entertaining show, though I can't say that I've watched it since. (I have, but I cannot say :)

I had heard about Duane "Dog" Chapman a few years ago when he and his bounty-hunting family caught the heir to the Max Factor estate, Andrew Luster, a serial rapist. I know "Dog" got himself into trouble for kidnapping Luster at the time. Apparently, Mexico's bounty hunting laws are different than ours.

Back in 2003 is when all this happened. Chapman was supposed to return to Puerto Vallarta for a court hearing, but never did.

The Bouny Hunter, in effect, became the bounty hunted.
Yesterday, a federal judge issued a warrant for his arrest and subsequent extradition to Mexico to undergo said court hearing. I am sure he's in a world of trouble, especially considering his profession and the expectation that he knows the law, which he surely should.

His son and brother are also facing charges and have been arrested and are awaiting extradition as well.

Must feel weird to be on the other end of justice.