Thursday, September 21, 2006

Picture that reminds us from where we come

This picture reminds us of how bad the economy can get. Many of us are too young to have lived through the Great Depression, but most of us are aware of it by virtue of our parents' and their parents' living through the decade-long economic disaster. This picture shows the irony of the times. Back in the 20s, America certainly did enjoy the world's highest standard of living. Ironically, the U.S. probably retained that title during the Depression because it was a worldwide depression -- every nation suffered.

Nevertheless, the bread line depicted in the photo is a reminder of a) how low we can go, b) how far we've come, and c) how we can get there again in just a few short years.

Record deficits, war, corporate downsizing, outsourcing, rising interest rates, floundering stock market -- I'm not too sure that we're that far away from another one. But as my friends will tell you, I've been expecting a severe economic downturn for decades :)

And, you know, they're right: Eventually, I will be right!