Thursday, September 14, 2006

Senate panel rejects Bush's plea for modifying Geneva Conventions

Today, the Senate struck down President Bush's appeals for modifying the Geneva Conventions. It's about time Republicans sided with the side of reason and legal precedent, not to mention on the side of real morality and common sense.

Torture doesn't work. I guarantee you, if you thought I knew something, and I didn't, and you kept on me, I would eventually make something up. This is what happens when people don't know what you think they know.

But that is really beside the point. Our troops are certainly at danger when they're captured by enemies. But they're put further at risk when we not only condone torture but are actively pursuing it. Why should another government or a terror group treat our captured troops with any more dignity or respect than we give theirs?

This continuous hypocritical view of the US is only serving to piss off everybody else. It's got to stop. Even the world's greatest superpower cannot defend itself against the rest of the entire world.