Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Supreme Court Justices -- Free trips for millionaires?

Two things from the article at the Jump below. First, no Supreme Court Justice ought to be allowed anything for free. Sorry. It clouds the objectivity of the Court. Antonin "Scarface" Scalia reported that he was given 24 trips, gratis. Other Justices took multiple trips for free, as well.

The second thing in the article that sparks me: A lot of the SCOTUS Justices are millionaires. How the heck does that happen? It would seem that on $203k a year, it would take a really long time to get there. But I guess it doesn't if all your vacations are on somebody else's dime. I wonder if they have to pay for dry cleaning, groceries, or utilities. Or are they free too?

What a bunch of crap. These people are supposed to be serving us, not the other way around. It's obvious, but still hard to say: Justice can be bought, and so can Justices.